Called to London

I remember at the age of 15 being called to missions. I was attending a Youth Camp at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX. One night during service the Holy Spirit said "your going into missions". As I'm looking at the flags at the front of the stage I'm thinking "Ok, where?" Then all of the sudden there was like a spot light on the United Kingdom flag. I said "Ok God, United Kingdom it is. " It's been 22 years but God !!! I will be going on my first mission trip to London this August 2017. I am so EXCITED !!!

Now let me take you back a little on how I knew that God wanted me to go this year. So remember, I was 15 years old when the Holy Spirit called me. Then 2 years later I meet someone. I had never dated anyone like this guy before. He was extremely nice and really fun at first but it quickly lead to verbal abuse and manipulation. Then later graduating pregnant and having my son at the age 18. "How could God use me now", I felt so bad. Here I am a christian feeling called to missions and then I go and get pregnant. So I decided because of my choices that the mission field and dream was over. It was time to be a mom and I needed to focus on that and being the best mom I could be. I missed the boat !!!

No I didn't and you haven't either. It says in Romans 11:29 that your gifts and calling are irrevocable. Do you know what irrevocable means? Irrevocable means not able to be changed or reversed. WHAT ??? Yes, when I found this scripture 3 years ago it brought so much healing and encouragement for me. So one day driving in my car I said " OK God, maybe I missed the boat, maybe I can't go to the UK, but you can use me here in Houston." That's when everything changed. I started seeing UK sign and visions everywhere.I hadn't missed the boat God was just waiting on me. I had no clue at the time what God wanted me to do in the UK or even when he wanted me to go. So I said " OK God if you still want me to go then I guess I'll go one day". I decided to put in on my vision board for 2020.

Last year (2016) after my quite time I heard the Holy Spirit say " your going next year " which would be 2017. I was like " OK, but who is going and what am I doing". I'm also thinking how in the world I'm I going to tell Chris, my husband. Again I said "OK, if you really want me to go I guess I'm going next year". I begin saving money and praying. God began opening door after door. As you see in the news LONDON has been attacked a lot lately by terrorists. So the closer I get the more I see why God is sending me and 9 others ladies their to this year. Here are some statistics as well why LONDON needs Jesus :

*England 98% secular.

*One of the 6 "Least religious" countries in the world.

*London, 14 million people.

*Over 90% not regularly attending church.

*5% Evangelical Christian population.

*Roughly 95% do not have a relationship with Jesus.

A lot of people have said, "Really, London?" Because they see it as a tourist attraction, but I've known since I was 15 that their was a reason he is sending me. So I continued to pray and planed for it anyways. I want to encourage you whenever God speaks something to you and it doesn't make sense to trust him. You will see in time. Our job is to be obedient and the rest is up to God.

Thank you so much for your support on my journey with my music and missions. I would love for you to pray for our protection and for the Holy Spirit to guide us and use us wherever he needs us to be his hands and feet and share is LOVE, his light and his encouragement.