"I Do"

My cousin, Brandi, waited 10 years for her boyfriend to ask her to marry him. She had given up and just accepted he wasn't going to ask but she loved him anyways. It wasn't that her boyfriend didn't love her too, he was just afraid of commitment. My cousin, Brandi, loved him through this and this past Christmas he completely blindsided her and asked her to marry him. Awwwwww, right? I was so happy for her so I wanted to create something really special. So being a singer songwriter I had to do something in a song, right? It just came to me one day. So my cousin and I both love Jessie James Decker's music. Jessie James Decker, country singer songwriter, has a song she wrote for her husband called "I do" that we both love. So I was like that's it, I have to rewrite the lyrics and make this song sound more like her love story. OMG I'm so proud of how it came out. So I decided I would share it with her before the wedding . I actually did it in Austin on the bachelorette weekend trip. She cried, I cried and I almost couldn't finish it in front of her. So she loved it and ask me to sing it in the wedding :) I was scared and honored. The week before the wedding she ask me to sing it as she walked down the aisle. Y'ALL !!!! I had to say yes, right ??? After I said yes and thought more about it I was like "oh,yeah" this is perfect because everyone will be looking at her and not me so maybe I can just close my eyes and sing it without falling apart. That's exactly what happened! Here are the lyrics below. The part that is underlined is what I rewrote. What a beautiful thing to be apart of . My heart is so full !

I'd given up on us, I'd given up on you .

I believed that we would never be married

I was running out of reasons, I was running out of time

I thought I stop believing, then you asked me that night

You found the strength it took some time

You finally asked me to be your wife

I cant believe we're standing here

What's mine is yours and yours in mine

I'll love you through the end of time

I want to spend forever with you.

I do, I do , I do.

I can see us growing old and grey

Standing beside you when we walk through Heaven's gate

Cause soulmates last forever, from one life to the next

We'll always be together I promise you this


I'd always dreamed one day you say

I cant live without you, without your touch, without your kiss