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When God tugs on your ❤️

What does it mean when someone says “ I felt lead by God “ or “ I feel a tug on my heart? “❤️ I think it’s so fascinating how God works through people. I think people need to hear these story’s more. We get so busy doing life that these story’s get lost. I’m going to post once a month how I felt tugged, was obedient and then God did what only he could do. I hope these storys help you connect with our Heavenly Father more. I pray it helps you learn his character and heart. I hope it strikes a fire of curiosity 🔥 for you and you will want to see what happens when you are obedient to the tug on your heart.

One day I felted tugged by God to write a song. I’ve never done this. I had no experience and I was 35 years old at the time. He can’t be talking to me, right ? Why didn’t he say this at the age of 10, really !!! 😂 I was so curious so I stepped out in obedience and thought ok maybe he wants me to get back into church choir. I used to sing in church but got married had kids and put this part of my life to the side. Then I decided to take vocal lessons which opened the door to Sarah Kelly music school where I had no clue but they also teach songwriting. WHAT !!! How did Sarah know ?? 😍 I didn’t tell her that I was feeling the tug on my heart to write a song. Y’all, that’s not a coincidence. That’s God. Just wait this story gets better

My third song I wrote and my first single was “Irrevocable “. Someone shared Romans 11:29 to me one day during a conversation and it gave me so much hope. Romans 11:29 says “Your gifts and callings are irrevocable “❤️ I knew I had to write this song. God was speaking to me in this season about old dreams and new dreams he wanted me to do and this verse said to me no matter what it’s never to late 👊🏻 take that satan. This was HUGE for me in this season of my life.

Fast forward two years after the song was released. I had a young lady all the way from another country send me a direct message on Facebook. 😍 Her message read “ I had a dream

that I was standing in front of CD cases. I touched the first and saw the word Irrevocable in purple. Irrevocable in my dream was an album. I have never listened to you in my entire life. I searched your song and found your YouTube Chanel. I feel so blessed. Thanks for the song. I can’t stop thinking about your song” ❤️ Yall !!! That is not a coincidence. God was so in this. If I wasn’t obedient look at what I would have missed out on. This is only one of my story’s. I have so many more. I can’t wait to share them with you

So my question to you is will you be courageous enough to do what he is asking when you feel the tug ??? It’s so worth the ride to find out and see what he can do through you. It will blow your mind What is he tugging on your heart to do in this season ?

Tiona 🤗