When God tugs on your heart ❤️

What does it mean when someone says “ I felt lead by God “ or “ I feel a tug on my heart? “ I think it’s so fascinating how God works through people. I think people need to hear these story’s more. We get so busy doing life that these story’s get lost. I’m going to blog more on how I felt tugged, was obedient and then God did what only he could do. I hope these story's help you connect with our Heavenly Father more. I pray it helps you learn his character and heart. I hope it strikes a fire of curiosity for you and you will want to see what happens when you are obedient to the tug on your heart.

It's on my heart today to share with you about the filming of my single "Southern Girl" in my hometown. So my best friend suggested how neat it would be to film "Southern Girl" music video in San Augustine where we grew up. I didn't know if this would be possible because I didn't know any videographers in East Texas. I LOVED this idea and really felt tugged to try and make it happen. So I ended up getting invited to sing at the annual Sassafras Festival and I knew this would be the perfect time to shoot the video if I could find someone. Thanks to my cousin who just got married back home, she was able to help me find someone. So now all I had to do was find a house to shoot the video at.

I begin reaching out to friends that could connect me to a beautiful white house on a hill that I loved as a kid growing up. But after some time the homeowner and I spoke and the front porch was being refinished and she didn't think it would be ready in time. So I begin to reach out to another lady who owned a house by the rail road tracks I loved as well. When we finally spoke over the phone she thought I was talking about using her house that used to be a Bed and Breakfast when I was a kid. She had recently renovated it and said she could send me some pictures. As soon as I saw the pictures, It was PERFECT. Absolutely southern, charming and stunning. She ask me to send her the single over so she could listen to the song.

After hearing the song she and I spoke over the phone again and she began to tell me her story. She said she loved the song because it was her story. She said it made her tear up. Y'all !!!! I love when this happens. So she began to tell me that she grew up in East Texas moved to Manhattan but a few years ago she felt tugged to come home. In the process found this Bed and Breakfast on the market and as soon as she saw it she wanted it. Begin renovating it and has been home ever since. How COOL is that?? The lyrics in my song is "Southern girl, come back home. Darling you been gone for to long. The city lights call your name but you belong were its crystal clear. Southern girl, your belong here." She connected with those lyrics and now we are shooting a music video in her house. Shut up ! I did not orchestrate that, that is all God. So stinkin cool.

The crazy thing is when I wrote this song is was based on the prodigal son story from the bible but in my musical story she is the Southern girl. That is what this songs means to me but for Emily it means something totally different. Only God would know that my song would be apart of her physical journey of moving back home. That the other house would not be ready and that each step lead me to Emily. I wish we knew all the details so we could know how beautiful the story ends. But instead we have to simply and courageously trust God and be obedient when we feel the tug. What is he tugging on your heart today?